Essential Tips for Fast Weeknight Cooking with Non Stick Cookware

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just come home to an already prepared nutritious home-cooked meal? Unfortunately, to-go’s and home deliveries are more often than not the default option simply because you are too tired to cook, and want to eat something in a hurry.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however, especially if you know how to organize and maximize your time in the kitchen. Here are some simple, but very helpful tips that can give you a faster and easier weeknight cooking experience.

Fast Weeknight Cooking

1. Plan Your Week’s Menu

Having a set menu for the entire week helps you cut back time not only in deciding what to have for dinner, but also in preparing dishes. You can list your menu ahead of time, get the ingredients you need in one go, prepare the items that could be done in advance, and then store it properly in the fridge.

For meat preps, make sure to wash carefully first before adding your marinade or seasoning. Also, seal them properly and air tight, so that the juices do not leak through to the other food items in the freezer. For vegetables and leafy greens, check for the proper storage method most applicable to their type.

2. Fast Cook Cuts

If you want to whip up something as fast as you can, remember that the golden rule in cooking meat is that the thinner or smaller the cut, the faster it will cook. So unless you have the time to take on a properly grilled piece of steak, you might want to consider cutting the meat in smaller and thinner pieces.

Another benefit to this is that it can help you with portion control. In case you are not all that keen about calorie-counting, but would like to be a bit more prudent in your food intake, having smaller pieces can help condition your mind that you are having a larger meal because of the many items on your plate, when in fact, you’re not.

3. Use the Right Cookware

Having the right cookware is important because this will help you cook your food more efficiently and speed up clean up time. Look for quality non stick cookware that will enhance the flavour of every dish and keep the nutrients in the food.

Investing in quality cookware can help you make fast meals not only for dinner but all day long. From the latest German technology in ceramic reinforced Greblon C3+ non stick coated fry pans, griddle pans, woks and multi layer enameled cast iron pots, find the right choice from reputable brands such as Westinghouse Small Appliances. 

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