Soul-Warming Mid-Winter Meals Made Easy Using Your Non Stick Cookware

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot, home-cooked meal after a long mid-winter day. The winter season is now here, start with these fantastic slow-cooked recipe ideas that can warm up the belly and gather the family around for a hearty meal.

Slowly but Surely

Slow cooking is known to be practical and economical in the sense that you can just throw the ingredients in the pot, leave them for several hours, and by the time you get back from work or play, your meal will be ready to serve, without you hovering over it incessantly.

Not only that, but because the ingredients are cooked at a low temperature for a long time, the natural juices and nutrition from the ingredients are preserved and retained. For every bite, therefore, you will not only get savoury goodness, but also a hearty and nutritious meal.

Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Recipe Ideas

On to the fun part! Remember that these recipes will be cooked for a long time, so make sure to take the necessary precautions such as trimming the fat before cooking, so that the broths or sauces don’t end up with too much grease.


This is probably one of the first things that come to mind when one asks about mid-winter meals. It’s hot, it’s spicy, and it’s definitely filling. The original Texas style version is a usual favorite, but of course you can feel free to tweak the recipe to adjust the spiciness and chunkiness of the dish, according to your preference. Other versions would be Turkey chili, white chicken chili, or the ever-familiar chili with beans.


Another popular comfort food during the cold season is soup. It’s packed with nutrients, it can be rich and creamy, and you can throw in as many ingredients as you like, whether protein or vegetables. You don’t have to worry about the meat being tender enough or not, because the length of time in the cooker will ensure it is succulent and soft by the time you serve it on the plate.


Stews are thick sauces that also contain a variety of protein and vegetable options. Some people like to add some crispy texture into their stew, so would first flash the meat in quality non stick cookware before leaving it in the slow cooker. You can add cream also if you want a richer stew.

Of course, the most important ingredient in making a delicious slow-cooked meal is a reliable slow cooker. You can pick one up at your favourite small appliance retailer. Look for a nice large capacity of at least 6.5L and oval shape to handle large cuts of meat like lamb shanks. Cool touch handles and removable ceramic bowl are a must. If you are in the market to buy a slow cooker be sure to check out the fantastic range of small kitchen appliances from Westinghouse Small Appliances. They have a great range of enameled cast iron pots and arguably the best non stick frying pan on the market as well. 

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